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knighthood / рыцарство, рыцарское звание, дворянство
имя существительное
chivalry, knighthood, knightage
рыцарское звание
nobility, gentry, knighthood, noblesse, gentlefolk, gentlefolks
имя существительное
the title, rank, or status of a knight.
he received a knighthood
Professor Ian Kershaw received a knighthood for his services to history.
Sir Richard Thompson received a knighthood for his post as head of the Queen's medical household and physician to the Queen.
In 1999 his charity work gained him a knighthood to add to his life peerage from Margaret Thatcher.
Prince's Trust chief executive Tom Shebbeare received a knighthood in the Queen's personal honours list.
And yet he remained the only major explorer of the age never to receive a knighthood .
The screen veteran is the biggest name on the Queen's birthday honours list, receiving a knighthood .
In February 2002 he received a knighthood from the Queen for his services to local government.
At the age of 69, Scotland's most famous son has finally received a knighthood .
the basis of feudal knighthood
Much loved comedy legend Eric Sykes has scooped a top honour - but missed out on his knighthood .