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knife / нож, скальпель, скребок
имя существительное
knife, chopper
scalpel, knife
scraper, scratcher, scrubber, rake, doctor, knife
имя прилагательное
резать ножом
knife, knive
ударить ножом
knife, knive
slaughter, stab, stick, pike, knife
имя существительное
an instrument composed of a blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon.
He studied the padded envelope for a moment, before pulling out a pocket knife and cutting into one of the ends.
stab (someone) with a knife.
A gang chased him into a dingy block of flats and knifed him to death.
Both occupants, believed to be armed with a gun and a small knife or machete, escaped on foot and were still at large last night.
The homeowner and one suspect were treated for knife wounds at Lions Gate Hospital.
He was chased on to the roundabout by a masked gang where he was attacked with at least three weapons including a knife and axe.
A woman was ordered to hand over her car keys after being threatened by a gang of masked men with a knife as she stopped to use a cash machine on Tuesday night.
Research by restaurant chain Brewsters claims that a quarter of children under 11 eat with their fingers instead of using a knife or fork.
He received a number of stitches for knife wounds to his chest and arm.
Jake was carrying a sharp kitchen knife from his grandmother's house.
Williams admitted six robberies and both admitted having a knife as an offensive weapon.
The number of arrests for possessing a knife or other weapon dropped from 99 to 54.
The 16-year-old girl was dragged into an alleyway and sexually assaulted by a man brandishing a knife , police said.