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knick-knack / безделушка, лакомство, вещица
имя существительное
bauble, trinket, knick-knack, trifle, bijou, gadget
delicacy, dainty, kickshaw, knick-knack
thing, bagatelle, gismo, knick-knack
имя существительное
a small worthless object, especially a household ornament.
Several ancient electronic gadgets, knick-knacks , CDs and other miscellaneous possessions seemed to be tucked into any free space that could be found.
There was a lot of stuff stored on the front porch: old bedroom sets and mattresses, paintings, knick-knacks , and paper grocery bags containing newspapers.
Browsing the shops is the main pastime: the stores offer rural knick-knacks and antiques as well as a fair amount of New Age wares such as quartz crystals, incense burners and Indian rugs.
Nothing makes a room look smaller than stacks of knick-knacks , piles of paper and clothes all over the floor.
Boxes littered the kitchen table, each one packed with knick-knacks and pictures that had been removed from the shelves and walls.
Christmas bazaars are meant to be where you purchase, among other things, cheap knick-knacks for putting in children's stockings for Christmas day.
The shops are piled with antiques, fake antiques, and modern knick-knacks designed to look like antiques, and there is nothing useful anywhere whatsoever.
Shelving installed around the room up near the ceiling is great for keeping stuffed animals, framed photos and knick-knacks up and out of the way.
I really need the shelf space more than anything for photos and knick-knacks .
Businesses selling seasonal knick-knacks at discount prices are popping up all over Greater Manchester.