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knee-deep / по колено
по колено
up to one's knees, knee-deep, knee-high
so as to be immersed up to the knees.
I plodded knee-deep through the mud
имя прилагательное
immersed up to the knees.
we were knee-deep in snow
Climbing out of the glen was desperately hard work - knee-deep snow was the norm and occasionally I'd sink into drifts up to my thighs.
We are knee-deep in financial trouble and have no idea how we are going to get out of it.
Another Campbell Street resident said his garage was knee-deep in water and his family was waiting for the fire brigade to pump water out of the garden, which was entirely submerged.
Forty minutes of heavy rains turned Pattaya into a water world on Monday, with floodwaters knee-deep in places and cars breaking down in the waterlogged roads, causing traffic chaos.
Nichola Richards was forced to shut the premises on Friday and Saturday, due to the store being knee-deep in water.
Teachers managed to save children's work at St Nicholas Primary School, but the building was knee-deep in water and remained closed last night.
He has spent much of his career knee-deep in immigration data, figuring out ways to measure the population, crunching the numbers and analyzing their policy implications.
Eistaucher took a step towards me and stumbled; abruptly he was knee-deep in water.
She's still homeless - three months after she was left knee-deep in water by a freak flood at her terraced house.
Finally, with knee-deep water in the cabin 200 miles from Bermuda, he issued a Mayday call.