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knave / плут, валет, негодяй
имя существительное
rogue, rascal, cheat, knave, crook, juggler
Jack, knave
scoundrel, villain, rascal, wretch, rogue, knave
Due to my poor performance as a husband, father, and provider, I can claim the role of knave , or general ne'er-do-well.
I'm glad he's going since IMO, the man is a fool and a knave .
Instead, according to the same Daily Record, he is a knave and a liar.
Those convinced of his knavery , however, are unlikely to accept this judgment as definitive.
One is at times reminded of Belloc's remark to the effect that the best proof of the divine foundation and support of the Church is that no institution run with such knavish imbecility could otherwise survive.
Some very recent examples will suffice to persuade us that piety and knavery are incompatible.
Thomas Blaize, Marlowe's actor friend who knavishly betrays Marlowe into order to save his own dishonorable neck, is pure fiction.
All of Thomas Morton's goods were seized to pay the charges of the trial, and also to make good to the Indians what they had lost through his knavishness .
In general, Winter seems to feel that most writers are either the ‘good guys’ or the knaves , and allows for very little middle ground.
Other cities may let such things go, but we don't stand for any such knavery here.