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kith / знакомые
имя существительное
имя существительное
one's friends, acquaintances, and relations.
a widow without kith or kin
a widow without kith or kin
a widow without kith or kin
Here, we were far from kith and kin ; here, he was free from the old traditions and proprieties.
I say to the Minister that he and his Government ought to consider this fact: why do Maori who live in Australia earn more than their kith and kin here in New Zealand?
This is clearly a very close family and his daughter believes, with good cause, that Mr Earnshaw's recovery will be quickened by his being back among his kith and kin .
They are people who probably have relatives on the Angolan side, and the Angolans also have some of their kith and kin on Zambian soil.
Our last meal in Paris which was bittersweet - it's hard to leave since it's been such a fun trip - but we all miss kith and kin and our own beds in our own homes and will be glad to regain them.
The disaster helped prove the pro-life contention that nothing is more vital and basic to human beings than loving and being loved by one's kith and kin .
About 70 families turned up for the event along with their kith and kin to exchange their greetings and their cherished memories.
They also become financially insecure especially with their dependence on their kith and kin after retirement.