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kitchen-sink / раковина на кухне
имя существительное
раковина на кухне
имя прилагательное
naturalistic, naturalist, kitchen-sink, slice-of-life
It simply doesn't work - not least because kitchen-sink realism, often wonderful in films, is one of the most inert of all theatrical forms and the most boring for an audience to watch.
It represents an encouraging change from the diet of mind-numbing police shows, insular kitchen-sink dramas and cynical comedies about working class families currently dominating local television.
This is much more effective than any kitchen-sink realism could ever be.
Written in 1958, this kitchen-sink drama was the work of a 19-year-old salesgirl who had left school at 16.
‘It's not your Ken Loach, kitchen-sink treatment of a working-class upbringing, that's for sure,’ he says.