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kitchen / кухня
имя существительное
kitchen, cuisine, cook room, table
имя прилагательное
kitchen, cooking, culinary
имя существительное
a room or area where food is prepared and cooked.
It was now early evening, and Vera was in the kitchen , preparing the food that she had sent Bill out for.
the percussion section of an orchestra.
(of a language) in an uneducated or domestic form.
kitchen Swahili
The kitchen is fitted with units of Canadian maple and includes a four-ring Miele gas hob.
The interior is one big room and the open kitchen allows you to watch the cooks do their thing while you sip your drinks.
There is also a large patio area that borders the kitchen and dining room.
Their top-floor living quarters included a kitchen , bathroom and lounge.
In Japan, the restaurants are very specialized, so Tomita sought work in the US, wanting to explore all aspects of the Japanese kitchen .
We no longer live in a time when the routines of household life revolve around the rhythms of the kitchen .
Every region in Italy has a different type of cheese and that's the beauty of the Italian kitchen .
The fitted kitchen has solid maple units with a black granite counter top; the floor and ceiling are timber.
the dried shrimp pastes of the Thai kitchen
The dining room has been used by the present owner as a sitting room and has a kitchen area with wooden floors to the rear.