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kit / комплект, набор, ящик
имя существительное
set, kit, complement, suite, series, suit
set, kit, suite, selection, suit, typesetting
box, case, bin, kit, chest, locker
equip, outfit, kit, fit out, fit up, kit up
имя существительное
a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.
a first-aid kit
a large basket, box, or other container, especially for fish.
a small violin, especially one used by a dancing master.
Prince Turveydrop then tinkled the strings of his kit with his fingers, and the young ladies stood up to dance.
provide someone or something with the appropriate clothing or equipment.
we were all kitted out in life jackets
The new tracksuit will be worn along with the school's white crested polo shirt, whereas the PE kit for the younger pupils in the school will remain as they are.
The funds raised will also go towards sports kit and equipment, and coaching resources.
Schools in the North West and North Midlands have received over 67,000 items of free sports kit .
Fans are encouraged to attend in their kit and a collection will be taken for the Burns Unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary.
hands-free kit
Make sure you pack an emergency travel kit containing plenty of survival items.
first aid kit
The pilot had bought the aircraft in kit form and spent five months constructing it.
Supporters who bought the latest design will be able to exchange their shirts for the new kit .
A mantel kit usually comes partially assembled with a surround that you can cut to suit the dimensions of your fireplace.