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kisser / рот, лицо, тот, кто целует
имя существительное
mouth, os, jaws, gob, trap, kisser
face, person, countenance, image, visage, kisser
тот, кто целует
имя существительное
a person who kisses someone.
he's a good kisser
a person's mouth.
I belted him one, right on the kisser
Winstone's never been one to keep his kisser buttoned, though.
I know that she has never kissed a guy before, but she is the best kisser I've ever experienced.
You know that trick where you put wrap your tongue over your upper lip, which forces the lower one to go all puffy and huge, and you pretend that comically enlarged kisser is your real mouth?
His hugs were so pleasant, and his kisses… he was such a good kisser !
She arched her back and jerked her head back, and I got it right in the kisser .
This lippie is also packed with menthol, passion flower and jojoba oil, leaving my kisser luxuriously moist and poutworthy.
he's a good kisser
At first he didn't respond but Sarah was such a good kisser and she was provoking him to kiss her back the way he used to, he had no choice but to kiss her back.
And I'm sure everybody's asking, ‘Oh, is he a good kisser ?’
We get there and he starts kissing me… He was the worst kisser ever… It was like being licked by a dog.