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kiosk / киоск, беседка, кафе
имя существительное
kiosk, booth, stall, stand, newsstand, loge
alcove, arbor, pavilion, bower, summer house, kiosk
cafe, coffee house, coffee room, kiosk, teahouse, luncheonette
имя существительное
a small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc., are sold.
Its newspaper La Vérité was sold publicly in newspaper kiosks and had a wide readership.
Here's a tip for you - don't follow the herds of tourists queueing to buy tickets at the kiosk near the garden entrance.
The popularisation of orange juice, sold at a kiosk at Flinders Street Station, was one of his novelties.
These are admission tickets, which means there is no need to queue at the ticket kiosk and there will be no price increase after booking.
Most resorts have amenities such as a restaurant, shop, kiosk , swimming pool and filling station.
We bought bus tickets at a nearby kiosk before getting on board.
We've got a kiosk in reception that sells items you might need for a reasonable price.
This take on the classic glass pavilion is no demonstration model for a transparent Utopia, nor is it an attempt to ‘frame’ the natural surroundings. It is a less formal design for a kiosk in the park beside Riesbach Harbour in Zürich.
Customers will be able to avoid lines by using an ATM-like kiosk to receive refills.
A refreshment kiosk is already on the site which is leased out as an annual franchise by the council.
The last surviving assassin, Tito still deals in luck and fate, selling lottery tickets from a kiosk .