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kingdom / царство, королевство, мир
имя существительное
kingdom, world, raj
kingdom, realm
world, peace, universe, kingdom, quiet, pax
имя существительное
a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen.
Bright lights illuminate a picture of the ancient kingdom 's king and queen, and Xinjiang musical instruments hang on the wall.
the spiritual reign or authority of God.
In its religious sense, kingdom is ‘the spiritual reign or authority of God.’
each of the three traditional divisions (animal, vegetable, and mineral) in which natural objects have conventionally been classified.
As for keeping their numbers down, leave it to mother nature, she'll sort out the animal kingdom the natural way.
Drawing death's sting, you opened the kingdom of heaven to all who would believe.
The kingdom is the place where God reigns - where his will is done.
At the one end, we are reminded what a ghastly thing is Homo sapiens: despoiler of the environment, parasite of the planet, who lords over the animal kingdom with arrogance and cruelty.
the kingdom of dreams
But the ruthless rule of the Norman kings meant that the kingdom was less likely to disintegrate than ever.
In its religious sense, kingdom is ‘the spiritual reign or authority of God.’
You see, I think that the ultimate triumph of the Cross, of good over evil, will only be complete in the future kingdom of God.
She instantly let out of a wow forming a big O with her mouth, like I am not supposed to be able to make friends outside the little kingdom of my employer.
But this lady seems to be having no trouble doing both, even as she continues her reign in the glamour kingdom .
Have we become lost in the dream kingdom we helped to build?