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kindred / родственный, сходный
имя прилагательное
related, kindred, akin, sister, cognate, kin
similar, cognate, analogous, kindred, salable, consimilar
имя существительное
genus, race, kind, family, generation, kindred
relatives, kin, people, kindred, kinsfolk, kinfolk
кровное родство
consanguinity, blood relation, kindred, consanguine, cognation
имя прилагательное
similar in kind; related.
books on kindred subjects
имя существительное
one's family and relations.
Yet in all these instances family custom ensured some distribution of property to members of a property-owning kindred , and required the head of the family to make some provision for unfortunate kinsmen.
The kindred (pavula, in Sinhala) of an individual often comprise the group with whom it is possible to eat or marry.
In order to survive, each household carefully guards the interests of its members and its kindred .
Bleeding that first occurs in adulthood, is associated with a specific disorder, and is not seen in kindred , implies an acquired hemorrhagic condition.
Such clemency reflected the religious and cultural homogeneity of French aristocratic society, ties of kindred and marriage, and respect for fellow knights, not to mention a desire for rich ransom.
The Pew Global Attitudes Survey that Walt cites reveals that poverty, global stewardship, AIDS, and kindred issues matter a great deal to people around the world.
‘I do not wish to estrange you from your kindred ,’ a deep and unseen voice replied.
Some researchers appear to think so, identifying a genealogical chart depicting bilateral kindred in descending order as illustrative of one of Sutton's cognatic descent groups.
‘We often use containers made of Bakelite, or a kindred substance, to store various perishable food-stuffs in the larder,’ he explained.
Together the two kindred souls find common pleasure in exploring the delights of an alien culture, even while discovering a little bit about themselves.
A voice in my head said, ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house.’