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kindly / любезно, доброжелательно, с удовольствием
kindly, graciously, politely, amiably, pleasantly, obligingly
kindly, good-naturedly
с удовольствием
with pleasure, gladly, kindly, with great relish
имя прилагательное
good, kind, kindly, nice, gentle, gracious
benevolent, kindly, boon, well-wishing
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, kindly
имя прилагательное
kind; warmhearted; gentle.
he was a quiet, kindly man
in a kind manner.
“Never mind,” she said kindly
Imagine his surprise on Christmas Eve when he opened his post, only to see the bank had kindly sent him on a brand spanking new chequebook - for pounds.
A kindly gentleman, Con was a great neighbour and will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by his devoted family and close friends.
To put it kindly , the manner in which juniors are treated varies a great deal from club to club.
They are always kindly , protective, helpful and understanding, honoring the mother spirit within women.
But at the same time she had a sincere, kindly and generous nature to which I instinctively warmed.
He asked his mom, who kindly informed us that it would be blackfish, a fairly popular fish in many parts of Asia.
Generous support from the Markle Foundation is kindly acknowledged.
Hopkins is a gentle, kindly soul who doesn't get on anyone's goat and is happy doing his own thing.
Is it possible for you and your husband to talk honestly, kindly and straightforwardly to each other?
He received Augustine kindly , and Monica held him in deep respect as a pastor.