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kindling / разжигание, растопка, зажигание
имя существительное
kindling, firelighter, kindler, firewood, kindling-wood
ignition, lighting, striking, kindling
имя существительное
easily combustible small sticks or twigs used for starting a fire.
In the forest there is no shortage of kindling , sticks, short logs or anything else needed to kindle a vigorous campfire and keep it burning effortlessly.
(in neurology) a process by which a seizure or other brain event is both initiated and its recurrence made more likely.
Although the significance of kindling in alcohol withdrawal is debated, this phenomenon may be important in the selection of medications to treat withdrawal.
light or set on fire.
Last night I built the first fire I've kindled in years and it came back to me, that instinctual pull of watching the flames catch, of stirring the embers, and poking the logs until they burn brightly.
(of a hare or rabbit) give birth.
Some rabbit owners are fortunate enough to witness the rabbit kindling .
They scrounged for pine cones for the fires, and both became adept at chopping kindling .
For those who don't know, a hatchet is a small axe, used mostly for cutting larger chunks of wood into kindling , or more rarely, in hatchet throwing contests at small county fares.
He looked back down, gritted his teeth, and continued to chop wood into kindling .
A moment passed, and Hargrove, the Hudson prospector of middle-age gathered an armful of cherry kindling after he had brushed away the embers.
Place smaller wood, kindling and paper on top of this load and light from the top!
I bought diesel, petrol, meths, engine oil, kindling and even a light sprinkling of gunpowder.
From the ceiling hung a metal pan on which pine kindling once lent light and fragrance.
This is consistent with the results showing that variations in post-surgical delay have no effect on the subsequent rate of kindling .
A special case of neural sensitization is limbic kindling , which is an animal model for temporal lobe epilepsy.
While they were collecting the pine cones, Erik was gather kindling and fire wood for that evening, making sure to only use wood from fallen branches and logs.