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kilt / юбка в складку, юбка шотландского горца
имя существительное
юбка в складку
kilt, filibeg
юбка шотландского горца
filibeg, kilt
собирать в складки
kilt, tuck
select, pick up, pick, gather up, tuck up, kilt
подтыкать подол
имя существительное
a garment resembling a knee-length skirt of pleated tartan cloth, traditionally worn by men as part of Scottish Highland dress and now also worn by women and girls.
The abstract elements of beadwork patterns play a key role in flagging difference - like the tartan kilts of Scottish clans.
gather (a garment or material) in vertical pleats.
kilted skirts
This pleased Ritchie, who can don his kilt by claiming Scottish kin in the form of a grandfather who served in the Seaforth Highlanders.
There was a time in the 80's when it looked as if the clans were gathering again to avenge Glencoe, so ubiquitous was the tartan kilt .
First, he insults the national dress of Scotland by wearing that skirt masquerading as a kilt at the Tartan Day celebrations in New York.
In this way, the entire Scottish nation adopted the bogus Highland symbols of kilt and tartan.
A Scottish kid in a kilt (he said it helped him get rides) disappeared up the Copland Pass trailhead.
Thank goodness Scotland invented tartan and the kilt and not the nylon shirt or the polyester jacket.
He borrowed a kilt from a Scottish friend and, wearing just that and his work boots, went into the office with the bottle of whisky.
The company plans to supply a range of black tartan kilts to meet demand for more contemporary-looking Highland clothing.
We are back to that old business of trying to create a new image of Scotland because foreigners, bless'em, think of the auld country only in terms of kilts and tartan and all that old-fashioned stuff.
Over 40' and up to 44' use four yards in a kilted skirt and five yards in a proper.