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kilogram / килограмм
имя существительное
kilogram, kilo, kilogramme
имя существительное
the SI unit of mass, equivalent to the international standard kept at Sèvres near Paris (approximately 2.205 lb).
These systems would send tens or hundreds of kilograms instead of tons into orbit per launch.
One kilogram of freshly grated cassava yields approximately 400 grams of cassava meal.
it costs 5 euro per kilogram
Weight was measured to the nearest kilogram using a portable bathroom scale.
a kilogram of flour
A liter is a cube one-tenth of a meter across, and a kilogram is the weight of one liter of water.
About four kilograms of pounded sorghum and eight kilograms of brown sugar are added to one hundred liters of water.
Birth weight was recorded in pounds and ounces and converted into kilograms .
A newton has a mass unit of kilograms and an acceleration unit of meters squared per second.
Obesity, which is a risk factor for chronic diseases like diabetes, is calculated using the body mass index dividing weight in kilogrammes by height in metres.
Bunches vary hugely in size depending on that year's fruit set and vine variety, from a few grams to many kilograms .