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killer / убийца, киллер, гангстер
имя существительное
killer, murderer, slayer, assassin, gunman, basher
gangster, mobster, killer, hoodlum
имя существительное
a person, animal, or thing that kills.
police are still searching for the killer
his new novel is a killer
Currently there is a killer virus doing the rounds that is causing concern.
In this case, we're looking at a serial killer who kills his victims from a distance with a firearm.
World Aids Day, on Monday, aims to increase awareness of the killer virus which claimed three million lives last year.
Murder will be appropriate where the killer acted intending to kill or do serious harm.
‘The new album is totally killer ,’ she says. ‘The fans will dig it, and we'll attract a lot of new fans with it as well.’
that wind's a killer
Both killer and killed were anonymous, disposable nonentities.
The concept of killing a killer may have a seductive logic to it, but in modern society this base argument is unacceptable.
a killer virus