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kidney / почка, склад характера, тип
имя существительное
bud, kidney, gemma, bourgeon, burgeon
склад характера
fiber, kidney, make, fibre
type, style, kind, class, nature, kidney
имя прилагательное
renal, kidney, nephritic
похожий на почку
имя существительное
each of a pair of organs in the abdominal cavity of mammals, birds, and reptiles, excreting urine.
Treatment must be rapid to protect organs such as the kidneys , lungs, and liver from damage.
Another waitress was close on her heels with the two steak and kidney pies.
It's poached skate with fennel or lamb kidney sausage on bacon and onion bread.
Similarly, the steak and kidney pie is now made with best blade steak rather than chuck beef.
Steak, kidney and Guinness pie is just one of a number of tasty and filling pub grub dishes featured on Sean's Irish Pub menu.
It was definitely home-made, full of lean meat, plenty of kidney and rich gravy.
They produce numerous different brands including beef and stout, beef and kidney , wild boar and venison.
It was just nice to see Tom and my son getting excited because we had enough meat to make a steak and kidney pie.
Liver and onions, fish and chips, Lancashire hot pot and steak and kidney pudding will be on the menu.
Free-range pork is gamey, sweet, tender with just a hint of kidney flavour.
And now, my hearties, be gay, and gaily read the rest, with ease of body and in the best of kidney !