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kidnap / похищать детей, украсть ребенка, обманом похитить
похищать детей
украсть ребенка
обманом похитить
take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom.
His brother abroad collected a ransom thinking he was kidnapped by petty criminals.
имя существительное
the action of kidnapping someone.
they were arrested for robbery and kidnap
The kidnap was carried out without rousing family members or neighbours from sleep.
He was given a life term for kidnap and other offences and has been behind bars for seven years.
Not a day passes without reports of mugging, murder, dacoity, extortion and kidnap making it to the front page.
Not that resort to violence and kidnap hadn't already undermined their credibility.
Mason took the phone with him when he went on holiday with Miss Lucas the week after the alleged kidnap .
At present, those guilty of forcing someone into marriage can be prosecuted for kidnap , false imprisonment or rape.
Currently families who compel their children to marry can be charged only with offences such as assault or kidnap .
By accepting the mission, Charles is pitched into a world of kidnap , mystery and murder.
Their tactics of kidnap and blackmail shocked the world and I remember the cold shiver the very mention of their name sent down my spine as a child.
He pleaded guilty to three robberies, kidnap and one offence of aggravated burglary.