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kicky / kicky
имя прилагательное
exciting or fashionable.
kicky high-heeled boots
I know that part of the fun of the show is the fashion - the kicky dresses, the to-die-for-shoes - but Carrie's clothes have gone so far over the top that they're now out the other side.
She also recommended a kicky little exfoliating scrub with clay and grape seeds, which I thoroughly enjoyed during my pre-Sydney shower/spa last night.
All include fine photos, kicky graphics, insightful information, and nature-inspired activities.
But if you can't stand the idea of this bladder-on-a-stick getting anywhere in Hollywood, go here to pick up that kicky little t-shirt!
The band ricocheted from one genre to another, often stopping to blend elements into a kicky pastiche of jump blues, beat poetry and lacerating alt-rock/rap.
I think the former group needs our help, and the second group needs a big frosty glass of chill-the-hell-out with a kicky pastel umbrella.
Suddenly, Fashion Bug didn't seem like a fun place with cute, kicky , affordable clothes and plentiful opportunities for advancement.
And imagine the uproar when we discover the standard issue boot doesn't come with a kicky little heel.
First floor is the doll zoo… lots of dolls on display and tons of kicky little outfits.
It is totally machine washable and dryer safe, it stays put, it's as soft as flannel and it comes in kicky prints like leopard and rose petal.