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kicker / футболист, скандалист, эжектор
имя существительное
footballer, football player, soccer player, kicker, kick
brawler, kicker, yammerer, hell-raiser
ejector, kicker, pusher
имя существительное
a person or animal that kicks.
I found something quite significant while watching the tapes: the best underwater kickers don't kick parallel to the surface.
an unexpected and often unpleasant discovery or turn of events.
the kicker was you couldn't get a permit
a small outboard motor.
There are a couple reasons for wanting to install an auxiliary outboard (or ‘ kicker ’ engine) on a boat.
(in poker) a high third card retained in the hand with a pair at the draw.
If kicker cards are paired the effect is cumulative.
Mount a kicker to your transom without marring up the back of your boat with screw-down clamps.
Joe was the kicker for our football team and had a very skinny frame.
Slipping on a kick is a kicker 's nightmare because once you slip there's nothing you can do.
But here's the kicker : this character investment greatly augments the action scenes.
And there's a kicker at the end, as cleverly foreshadowed by this link…
The team is replacing its kicker , punter and top returner.
The kicker cannot kick and walk at the same time and therefore he is required to stop each time that he kicks, a continually moving target will really frustrate most attempts to kick.
Many investors like to buy investment trusts, as investing when discounts are large can add a extra kicker to their returns.
This means there is no extra performance kicker from your option - if the market goes up or down 10 per cent, the value of your equity option goes up or down the exact same amount.
One pair - two cards of one rank accompanied by a kicker .