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kickback / отдача, бурная реакция, плата боссу
имя существительное
return, recoil, output, efficiency, kickback, rebound
бурная реакция
плата боссу
имя существительное
a sudden forceful recoil.
the kickback from the gun punches your shoulder
a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly.
Of course they are the beneficiaries of kickbacks and illicit hordes of money safely stashed in cash and kind, in many cases also abroad.
the kickback from the gun punches your shoulder
The gun, though supposedly effective at close quarters, has so much recoil and kickback that it is usually not worth the trouble.
His ears were ringing from the explosion of the gun and the kickback had bruised his shoulder when the gun went off.
Bar nose kickback is one of the more common causes of serious chainsaw injury accidents.
The thrust from the kickback of the gun sent me to my back.
the kickback from the gun punches your shoulder
In not a single instance did the United States choose to block any transaction due to suspected kickbacks .
It should step up efforts to comprehensively solve the illegal alien labor problem ranging from illegal immigration, kickbacks , and protection by influential persons.
Payoffs and kickbacks and cheating and lying to the public are a way of life.
A succession of witnesses have since come out to implicate the president - some of them also accusing her of using kickbacks from illegal gambling to finance the electoral fraud.