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kick-start / заводить ножным стартером
заводить ножным стартером
имя существительное
ножной стартер
kick-start, kick-starter
start (an engine on a motorcycle) with a downward thrust of a pedal.
Leaving the commons behind, I kick-started my motorcycle, and rode toward the sliding door of the warehouse.
имя существительное
a device to start an engine by the downward thrust of a pedal, as in older motorcycles.
I rotated the kick-start to see if the motor was seized. I got it down smoothly to the point where it would start to rotate the motor, and then nothing.
Several others found his or her way into the busy shop in order to purchase their Frappacino manacles in order to give them a daily kick-start .
I could see how Andy was on a downward spiral and I think the rejection from us helped kick-start his career.
Upgrading of PCs should theoretically provide a kick-start for the PC producers, good solid but low margin business.
Three Ryder Cup team-mates will contest the Madeira Island Open this week, all looking to kick-start their careers.
Locally made and produced goods will also appear more attractive to foreign buyers and this could give a kick-start to some ailing British industries, like the motor manufacturers.
What is it that gets Auckland out of its summer stupor and provides a kick-start for the new year?
Former hospital consultants created the prints to kick-start York Health Services NHS Trust's project to vastly improve services to patients and visitors.
Since last month, BT Wholesale has announced a number of initiatives to kick-start the broadband market in the UK.
We need a win and knocking off the Hawks could be a real kick-start to our season!
Last week Manchester United relaunched its official website in an attempt to kick-start its hitherto moribund internet operation.