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kick-off / начало, введение мяча в игру
имя существительное
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, kick-off
введение мяча в игру
имя существительное
the start or resumption of a football game, in which a player kicks the ball from the center of the field.
three minutes before kickoff
that's just for a kick-off
a minute before kick-off
as a kick-off to the festival
We want to raise a million quid, and it's an impressively strong line-up for the kick-off event.
She was presenting the match ball before kick-off and as club captain I had my photo taken with her to help promote the evening.
kick-off meeting
The match kick-off had to be put back 20 minutes while another coach arrived to take the players to the ground.
We had some rain before kick-off and the players are taking full advantage.
The side losing the toss has the kick-off from the centre point between the goals.
to take the kick-off