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kibosh / вздор, чепуха
имя существительное
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, kibosh
nonsense, stuff, crap, applesauce, malarkey, kibosh
имя существительное
put an end to; dispose of decisively.
he put the kibosh on the deal
he put the kibosh on the deal
he put the kibosh on the deal
The city council nearly put the kybosh on the appearance by objecting to the original plan - a midnight appearance - because of safety concerns.
It was only after King George III put the kibosh on the pipeline project that things changed.
But the shortage of ammunition, which allowed the game birds to grow in number, put the kibosh on shooting almost entirely, and the birds multiplied in comparative peace.
This puts the kybosh on any claims that quality has radically improved in the past couple of years.
Were you ever with a guy in a relationship with somebody so obsessed with something that you had to kind of put the kibosh on either the guy or that thing?