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khaki / хаки, материя цвета хаки, военная форма
имя существительное
материя цвета хаки
военная форма
имя прилагательное
цвета хаки
защитного цвета
имя существительное
a textile fabric of a dull brownish-yellow color, in particular a strong cotton fabric used in military clothing.
The jacket is manufactured from wool and has khaki cloth patches on the elbows.
Much to the amusement of the car driver, the man in khaki fished out a couple of hundred rupee notes towards compensation.
I had put on my simple blue bikini and covered the bottoms with a pair of short khaki shorts.
Only men in khaki - posted at the intersections on the route - are there to suggest that all is not well.
Today Jim came in wearing his traditional red t-shirt and a pair of calf length khaki shorts.
They always used to issue us with khaki overalls and leather gloves.
The boys looked smart in their uniforms of white shorts, khaki trousers and red sashes.
We had khaki overalls but when we finished our shift, we were covered from head to toe in white dust.
Mitch looked pretty good with his hair gelled up, and a black button up shirt, and a pair of cut off khaki shorts.
His was in drab khaki , like that supplied to the military.
Emily was wearing a pair of khaki short shorts and a bright red tank top.