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keyword / ключевое слово, дескриптор, колонтитул
имя существительное
ключевое слово
running title, header, catchword, keyword
имя существительное
a word or concept of great significance.
homes and jobs are the keywords in the campaign
Take, for instance, this fragment of a 1978 study which mobilizes the concept of assimilation, a keyword in Franco-Ontarian politics.
Secrecy was a keyword in their job, and Byron knew his partner assumed, from the terse explanation, that something unforeseen had happened.
To look up something you wanted, you had to search for the keyword in the index volumes, go to the Micropaedia for a summary of the entries, decide on the ones that seem to have the answers, and then read the relevant volumes of the Macropaedia.
In President Bush's second inauguration speech, he used the word ‘freedom’ as the keyword and invoked it a total of 27 times.
keyword search
Most essays are followed by a short bibliography, and there is a seven-page keyword and person index.
She rattles off a dozen questions usually put to contestants and comes up with answers, which have the keywords - confidence, optimism, and determination - sprinkled all over.
Every article about this movement will throw in a few keywords about divorce or single parents.
There were 982 peer reviewed papers indexed by ISI with keywords climate change in the last ten years, till 2003.
The keywords in the future will be convenience, reliability and sensitivity.