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keystroke / нажатие клавиши, нажатие кнопки
имя существительное
нажатие клавиши
нажатие кнопки
имя существительное
a single depression of a key on a keyboard, especially as a measure of work.
The malware records passwords and keystrokes once users of infected machines visit targeted websites.
The fingers are normally in motion towards more than a single keystroke simultaneously; as one finger approaches its target another is moving to operate the next key.
They can not only take all of your money, but destroy your entire life with a single keystroke .
With a single keystroke , she erases his name from the title page and substitutes her own, before she sends it off.
A spyware program will record every keystroke and e-mail as well as every web page you visit and every chat session.
Spyware has the ability to trace your every keystroke , and may record things such as passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, and other personal information.
He can read your keystrokes , record passwords, gather information from your network and change your data and files.
Entering in the full address costs 12 to 18 keystrokes and a mouse click.
If it is true that all my keystrokes can be recorded?
The researchers extracted audio features from the sounds of a user's keystrokes and lumped similar sounding keys into categories.
Four additional keystrokes duplicate the functions of the arrow keys.