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keypad / клавиатура
имя существительное
keyboard, keypad, key, clavier, bank of keys, fingerboard
имя существительное
a miniature keyboard or set of buttons for operating a portable electronic device, telephone, or other equipment.
Changeable cell phone covers and face plates to suit your mood, the latest holograms, flashing keypads and colorful gemlike keypads can bring a smile to your face.
It's perfect for email if you can master the keypad and web browsing is available, albeit confined to a small screen.
The keypad has nice big keys, but it does have a strange layout - the middle row of keys are lower than the rest.
You get to speak to an adviser straightaway after that and don't have to press buttons on your telephone keypad .
The bigger keypad and built-in joystick make it much easier to use than its predecessor.
It gets lost in my deep trouser pockets, and the keypad buttons are pretty fiddly.
Perhaps the use of a blue-on-blue colour scheme for the keypad was not such a good idea after all.
This smartphone has a novel keypad that is well worth a look.
You must use the number keys in the numeric keypad on the left of your keyboard.
Still, dashing around the circular keypad is tough and does not make for lengthy e-mails.
This technology will do away with the need for complex keypads on mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other handheld products.