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keynote / лейтмотив, основной принцип, тональность
имя существительное
leitmotif, keynote, leitmotiv, motif, motive
основной принцип
key, keystone, keynote, root principle, ground rule, foundation stone
key, tonality, mood, mode, keynote
имя прилагательное
leading, master, principal, key, guiding, keynote
задавать тон
set the tone, set the pace, give tone, keynote
давать установку
излагать директивы
имя существительное
a prevailing tone or central theme, typically one set or introduced at the start of a conference.
individuality is the keynote of the Nineties
the note on which a key is based.
They also should be able to sing the keynote of a tonal pattern or song presented by the teacher.
The keynote for the tone of the series was a credible representation of the lives of its three central characters.
The buzz of menace the incident initially transmits, though, sounds a keynote .
individuality is the keynote of the Nineties
The eight keynote presentations were enthusiastically received by the more than 600 conference delegates.
She is a successful, nationally recognized conference keynote speaker and entertainer.
That pitch might have been better made against a track record of unimpeachable integrity, where promises had been kept, failure openly acknowledged, and honesty had been the keynote of his government.
Curiously, for a politician who made much of the fact that what happened in the rest of the world was not always Washington's concern, diplomacy has been the keynote of his first months in office.
This is the keynote , leading to a prolonged examination of how writers have used narrative technique in order to provide aspects of what we guess about consciousness.
It has that lick of elegance that is the keynote of New Zealand red, the sort of wine that stands proudly on the table and always tastes of ‘more please’.
He was attending an event in Hong Kong where he delivered a keynote speech.