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keyhole / замочная скважина
имя существительное
замочная скважина
имя существительное
a hole in a lock into which the key is inserted.
Selecting one, he inserted it into the keyhole and turned.
Reaching her apartment, Marla pulled her key out of her pocket and stuck it in the keyhole .
Astoundingly, the keyhole offers a direct line of sight to the Vatican, as if to keep an unflinching eye on the Church.
On the right side of the frame, just above the trigger, is a keyhole where a special key can be inserted to lock the trigger.
You probably can get away with hose if the shoe only has a little keyhole toe.
I gingerly crept to my parents' room and listened with my ear at the keyhole .
Sadly the front door was locked so my view was limited to peering through the keyhole .
The most memorable pieces were undoubtedly Gucci's clingy, dress with a daring keyhole neckline and its slinky, cut-out swimsuit.
Sighing as he opened his leather pouch on his waist and dug out a set of lock picks, he expertly selected the right tool for the job and inserted it into the keyhole .
Finally, when he got a hold of it, he thrust it in the keyhole and the lock opened with a loud click.
I took out my key and inserted it into the keyhole , but when I took it out the door was locked.