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kennel / конура, псарня, собачья конура
имя существительное
собачья конура
doghouse, kennel, dog-hole
держать в конуре
загонять в конуру
жить в конуре
имя существительное
a small shelter for a dog or cat.
A North Vancouver RCMP police dog has been deemed a dangerous offender and been ordered to be kept inside a kennel or muzzled when not on duty after it bit a gardener who was doing landscape work next door.
put (a dog or cat) in a kennel.
Every animal recovered is checked by vets then kennelled .
Everyone knows hunting is not about paying country-dwellers peanuts to kennel hounds.
It is normally kept in a kennel out the back, where it acts as a guard dog.
Molly was taken to the vet after her back leg was savaged while she was in her kennel outside the house.
We'll have to put her in a kennel , which is very expensive.
We were debating the possibility of leaving Zumi out of her kennel while we went out for dinner.
She put him in his kennel behind the house and filled his food and water dishes, then went inside, dragging out her luggage.
Well she is learning, being socialized, because this morning when I went to clean up, there was no ‘stuff’ in the kennel .
When Brandy was taken out of her kennel to go home with her new family, she seemed to know: her walk perked right up.
His owners chain him to his kennel when they leave in the morning, and the poor little fella sits there barking for an hour or so until he settles down.
Fluffy does not do well when she goes to the vet, so I would not be able to kennel her because they require pets to have certain shots before they will accept them.