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ken / кругозор, круг знаний
имя существительное
horizon, outlook, purview, scope, view, ken
круг знаний
know, be aware of, have, know of, be familiar with, ken
learn, recognize, know, inquire, find out, ken
имя существительное
one's range of knowledge or sight.
such determination is beyond my ken
d'ye ken anyone who can boast of that?
d'ye ken anyone who can boast of that?
His actions seem senseless, but by the glint in his eye, you know he's operating with a logic beyond your ken .
‘I think this is a bit beyond my ken ,’ Updike says generously, before sheepishly moving on.
that's him—d'ye ken him?
It's beyond my ken , but for those in the know there's an accompanying set of statistics, ranging from water absorption rates to frost resistance.
How he can handle such pain and fear is beyond my ken .
How anyone can take a steady daily diet of meetings is beyond my ken .
politics are beyond my ken
Such allusions, which portray Horace's awareness of politico-religious matters, can be said to be beyond the ken of a philological approach.
d'ye ken anyone who can boast of that?