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kempt / в непосредственной
имя прилагательное
(of a person or a place) maintained in a neat and clean condition; well cared for.
she was looking as thoroughly kempt as ever
He was a dashing bay with not a trace of white, with a well kempt mane that fell past his neck.
Tough executives are tacitly understood to be well kempt on the outside, whilst inwardly crumbling, decaying, turning to sludge.
With his perfectly kempt moustache, wavy locks, black polo-neck and tweed jacket, he would breeze through an interview.
Mercifully, she could still dream of the expansive Havana avenues, the grand casinos before the revolution, the kempt plazas where she would linger with her lover.
His black hair was smooth, styled, kempt , and it hung only to his ears.
Now that I have a large - potentially 40 acre - lawn, I'm trying to keep at least some of it kempt .
I'm quite pleased with myself because I'm going about looking not quite as kempt as usual.
I notice how nicely her nails are rounded and polished with pearl white, and how kempt she is.
His crumpled shirt and baggy trousers have gone to the laundry, his hair - though still long and unruly - is now more kempt and some of Delhi's best tailors have encased him in a bandhgala.
The bundle of clothes stirred and a fairly groggy Sukari sat up, hair surprisingly kempt despite her burrowing into the pillows during the night.