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keg / бочонок
имя существительное
barrel, keg, cask, tub, wood, pin
имя существительное
a small barrel, especially one of less than 30 gallons or (in the UK) 10 gallons.
The owners of this bar have been very good to us, and occasionally even send down kegs of beer in the summer for special parties.
a unit of weight equal to 100 lb (45 kg), used for nails.
He will know how many pints can be got out of a keg of beer, and what percentage can be attributed to ‘evaporation’.
They wrestled against the back cupboard, knocking a keg of ale to the floor.
Lauren returned with a few bottles of wine and Gregory with a large keg of ale.
As to gifts, among those given to Charles was a five-litre keg of muscat brandy, vintage 1996.
Aside from that there was a large barrel of mead and a keg of fine ale.
Scott had ordered a keg of beer and that was that.
So I walked into the kitchen and filled up another glass of beer from the keg .
With the beer keg now open, the partygoers downed some schnapps and attacked the beer.
A keg of beer sat in a shiny galvanized tub in the shade.
It is very difficult to weigh or otherwise measure the contents of a keg of beer to determine consumption.