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keeper / вратарь, хранитель, сторож
имя существительное
goalkeeper, keeper, goalie, goalee
keeper, custodian, curator, treasurer, conservator, watchdog
guard, watch, keeper, caretaker, janitor, custodian
имя существительное
a person who manages or looks after something or someone.
I would not stop him—I'm his wife, not his keeper
a food or drink that remains in a specified condition if stored.
hazelnuts are good keepers
a fish large enough to be kept when caught.
Fishermen have made adjustments lately to keep more keepers and feed fewer to sharks.
an object that keeps another in place, or protects something more fragile or valuable, in particular.
a play in which the quarterback runs with the ball instead of handing it off or passing it.
The Richards took over the Taranaki lighthouse in 1976 when previous keeper Charlie Mallowes died from a heart attack.
Well I am your protector, your keeper , advisor and friend.
if he's a good communicator and a great listener, he's a keeper
Those views were lost overnight when 6ft fences were installed on both sides of a bridge over the River Test to protect the river keeper and his family.
On the granting of a firearms certificate ownership is lost and the user is simply the licensed keeper .
To have a good team you have to have a good keeper and our goalkeeper is very good.
When he reached the penalty area he drove the ball low to the home keeper 's left only to be thwarted by an excellent save.
I would not stop him—I'm his wife, not his keeper
Sixty seconds later, he swerved away from the keeper 's clawing gloves to stroke home his 21st goal of an astounding debut campaign.
I just caught the ball perfectly and it somehow bounced over the keeper .