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keel / киль, корабль, грудная кость
имя существительное
keel, fin
ship, boat, vessel, nave, barque, keel
грудная кость
sternum, breastbone, keel
имя прилагательное
careen, heel, keelhaul, keel
имя существительное
the longitudinal structure along the centerline at the bottom of a vessel's hull, on which the rest of the hull is built, in some vessels extended downward as a blade or ridge to increase stability.
Support the keel with timber blocking to take most of the weight of the hull.
a flat-bottomed freight boat; a keelboat.
The original Tyne keel was clinker-built but later types were of carvel build.
(of a boat or ship) turn over on its side; capsize.
It proved the final blow for the Neptune; the ship slowly keeled over and sank.
The keel is a centreboard but not weighted; the ballast is in the hull itself (which sounds inefficient but actually works surprisingly well).
Fiberglass yachts must have a long keel with a keelhung rudder and be descended from a wooden hull design.
The keel of A. priceana does not coil after tripping, instead, it bends sharply backwards at the mid-point.
It has a distinct fold of flesh, marked by a line of hair that runs like a keel along its belly.
The hull was modified in 1995 to include two ventilated steps, a keel pad and notched transom.
The keel is external lead fastened with stainless steel bolts.
As in other specimens of D. zenos, a ventral keel is not present.
The reproductive organs are enclosed within the keel petals.
a wardrobe was about to keel over on top of him
Support the keel with timber blocking to take most of the weight of the hull.