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kedgeree / блюдо из рыбы
имя существительное
блюдо из рыбы
имя существительное
an Indian dish consisting chiefly of rice, lentils, onions, and eggs.
The rice is combined with vegetables or meat to make the popular pilaus or pilafs, birianis or kedgerees , which the British imported from India and these days are seen on menus in many restaurants in Britain.
a European dish consisting chiefly of fish, rice, and hard-boiled eggs.
Some dishes are British, like the delicious kedgeree (a Scottish dish of rice and fish)
Apart from kedgeree and rice pudding, rice doesn't feature much in the everyday Scottish diet, hence the problem we have cooking it.
This recipe is a bit like a kedgeree cake, I suppose - with high-protein smoked fish, medium-fat Parmesan cheese and eggs, plus spinach, rich in vitamins and folic acid.
Some dishes are British, like the delicious kedgeree (a Scottish dish of rice and fish)
Traditionally, kedgeree is a little bit soupy, but tastes vary, and you might like it drier or wetter.
Could I salvage some form of kedgeree with tinned tuna?
The book aims to to initiate the French into the delights of kedgeree , welsh rarebit, sticky toffee and Christmas puddings.
There was also a mouth-watering kedgeree with smoked salmon and plenty of tea and coffee to wash it all down.
Instead of dumbing himself down, Hix wants to smarten us up, giving us the confidence to cook something more ambitious than kedgeree or fish pie (although recipes for both are included).
In the hospitality at Chelsea last week, a Russian was serving kedgeree .
There has been spluttering and coughing over the kedgeree and alfalfa crêpes at the Edinburgh Festival this year.