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kayo / нокаут
имя существительное
knockout, kayo, knockout blow
отправить в нокаут
имя существительное
a knockout.
Bernard's thirty-one kayos in forty-four fights will attest to his success in using this theory.
knock (someone) out.
It was great you called him ignorant because he was trying to make you look bad on national TV and you kayoed him.
A kayo loss to Jean Claude Bouttier in France in 1972 finished Doyle as a serious contender.
From November 7, 1981 through September 18, 1982 Spinks makes five defenses of his WBA title scoring five kayo 's.
Greg then went on a successful tour of Europe, in which he scored an important kayo victory over Jose Urtain.
Americans of all ages love a guy who climbs off the canvas, shakes his head to clear it, then goes right back to trying for a kayo .
a sixth-round kayo
By the end of 1979 Tex had reeled off 13 straight kayo wins.
‘I'm a defensive specialist,’ he stated, which helps to explain his successful avoidance of a kayo 239 of his losses; the man hates getting hit.
The kayo punch pinched a nerve in his neck and shelved his career.
Following his disastrous kayo losses to Cassius Clay, Sonny was written off by the experts.
One month before Ellis defeated Quarry, Joe Frazier kayoed his amateur nemesis Buster Mathis in eleven rounds.