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karelia / Карелия
имя существительное
имя существительное
a region of northeastern Europe on the border between Russia and Finland. Following Finland's declaration of independence in 1917, part of Karelia became a region of Finland and part an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union. After the Russo-Finnish war of 1939–40, the greater part of Finnish Karelia was ceded to the former Soviet Union. The remaining part of Karelia constitutes a province of eastern Finland.
In 1894-5 he designed and built a studio in the Finnish countryside inspired by traditional Karelian architecture, where he both painted and designed stained glass, fabrics, and jewellery.
A decision was made to create a unified literary language for all the Karelians in the Soviet Union.
To train school teachers Petroskoi University has opened the Chair of Karelian and Veps languages.
Even after Swedish rule came to Karelian territory, Karelians and Russians kept opposing the Swedes.
The Karelian camps show the experimental process by which the authorities learned the scope and limits of the exploitation of forced labor.
After the war, the Russification of the remaining Karelians accelerated, especially among the young.
The ethnically diverse Karelian region with its fluid borders received special scrutiny at the conference, in no fewer than ten papers.
In it, Helevou noted that the hand-woven, Finnish Karelian tapestry had a great deal of sentimental value attached to it and would have to be reported to police as stolen if it failed to be returned quickly.
In March 1939 Russia offered Finland a large slice of the disputed Karelian territory in exchange for a 30-year lease on five small islands in the Gulf of Finland, within artillery range of Leningrad.
In the far distance, I can see the twinkling lights of our destination, the beautiful Karelian village of Vuokkiniemi, and above, a faint shimmering blue glow of Northern Lights.