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karat / карат
имя существительное
carat, karat
имя существительное
a measure of the purity of gold, pure gold being 24 karats.
an ounce of 24-karat gold
Opening it, he showed her a beautiful diamond, surrounded by 14 karat white gold.
Look for surgical-grade steel, titanium, 14-or 18 - karat gold, or a metal called niobium.
The spike, 69 inches long, was similarly computer-designed and machined, in stainless steel plated with 24 - karat gold.
Ninety percent of the store's offerings are gilded in 22 to 23 karats or 12 - karat white gold, according to Carroll.
‘Because, Adam, this ‘little strip of metal’ is thirty-six karat gold,’ she stated matter-of-factly, and I glared at her.
Hers is an 18 - karat gold ring with a ruby or other precious stone.
This piece features two small Plexiglas boxes set on a high pedestal, each containing five bullets of different gauges with rounded or pointed heads, which the artist had cast in 22 - karat gold.
As for the vital stats of the bauble, it is bejewelled with 8,000 diamonds weighing 200 karats, set in over a kilo of 18 - karat pink gold.
‘Belladonna’ measures 40 by 32 inches and will be released in a paper and a canvas edition - both are hand embellished by the artist with 24 karat solid gold.
This was a coin with a guaranteed weight of 8 grammes of 22 - karat gold.