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karakul / каракуль, каракульча
имя существительное
astrakhan, karakul, caracul
broadtail, karakul
имя существительное
a sheep of an Asian breed with a dark, curled fleece when young.
Astrakhan is produced in Uzbekistan from the karakul lamb.
Namibia also possesses a rich offshore fishing industry and a karakul fur industry.
In a few days, the curls will unfurl and get rough, turning the precious karakul pelt into cheep sheepskin.
According to the fur industry this foetal karakul lamb fur is from lambs that are prematurely born.
These programmes are intended to boost the knowledge of communal farmers and increase the quality and quantity of karakul production.
One day, Karzai wore the grey karakul hat from the north, the next day the black and white silk turban from his Pathan homeland in the south.
As the report reminds us, ‘carpets are the country's third largest export after dried fruit and karakul , the lambskin used to make hats such as the one commonly worn by President Hamed Karzai.’
Astrakhan is produced in Uzbekistan from the karakul lamb.
a karakul hat
Other agricultural products are silks, fruit, grapes, and livestock, particularly karakul sheep.
On land penguins also have a number of enemies which include leopards, caraculs , kelp gulls and mongooses.