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kaput / уничтоженный, разоренный, потерпевший неудачу
имя прилагательное
annihilated, demolished, kaput, eliminated, ruined, abolished
ruined, devastated, broke, kaput, downfallen, gone
потерпевший неудачу
имя прилагательное
broken and useless; no longer working or effective.
Now, he told me, the ‘big way’ of thinking is finished, kaput .
This means, obviously, the resolution is kaput , and the United States has no reason to wait until March 17.
I was just about done, finished, kaput , when I saw the sign up ahead.
But that's ok as I had to drop my computer off to be fixed, the internal modem is kaput , and I'll be without it during my busiest time since being here.
He had just interviewed the Prime Minister and had come away from Number 10 Downing Street convinced that the Labour leader was just about kaput politically.
In this case, Tino of all people is the loser: for he has once again been suckered into coming into Panera only to find that the network is kaput .
According to The San Francisco Chronicle, his game has been kaput for the whole season - and he's fallen to 24th in the rankings - as a direct result of his club trouble.
She also loves the air circulated by the fan and within a minute of the fan being switched off, either by the maid to clean the room or if the electricity goes kaput , she puckers her mouth and begins to cry!
Somewhere on the expressway the engine went kaput .
Your two front tyres are kaput , they'll need replacing.
If you had a car and it made a terrible rattle you'd have it checked out immediately instead of waiting to for it to go kaput , the same principle applies to marriage.