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kapok / капок
имя существительное
The material kapok , the soft fibrous covering of the seeds of a tropical tree, is familiar as a lining and stuffing material.
In addition to these attributes the kapok fiber is totally water repellent and resistant to rot.
Nights of stuffing this sculpture with kapok , a new substance for the job, sent me into bouts of itching.
‘The firm which makes them fills the stout canvas covers with kapok , a substance like silky cotton wool.’
Dick studied the rainforest form of Ceiba pentandra, a species of kapok that grows taller than a 16-story building, its head poking above the forest canopy.
He fetches his favorite toy, an ancient stinky ball of kapok and synthetic fur, cured and flavored by two years spent outdoors in all seasons.
Beneath the brown velvet of the seed capsules, a white kapok of cottony seed-parachutes packs the core.
In addition, those strange looking boab trees, tall livistona palms, beautiful water lilies, colourful kapok bushes and kurrajong trees are all special sights across this unique landscape.
The Carib Indians used kapok for drums and canoes but otherwise sheathed their axes in regard to the tree.
Models will show off a range of garments made from hemp, nettle, flax, kapok , peat, bamboo, cellulose fibres and a new polymer made from starch called PLA, plus animal fibres including wool, angora, alpaca, mohair and llama.