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kaftan / кафтан, длинный восточный халат, женское свободное платье
имя существительное
caftan, kaftan
длинный восточный халат
caftan, kaftan
женское свободное платье
caftan, kaftan
имя существительное
a man's long belted tunic, worn in countries of the Near East.
Today's tops borrow heavily from Indian high fashion, with long tunics and caftans all prettied up with sequins.
The kaftan , a long, loose-fitting long robe, is still worn throughout much of Morocco in both rural and urban areas.
This is Fatima with a kaftan , black with a bodice of intricate dark red embroidery.
Most women can get away with wearing stripes on a loose kaftan top that just skims the bottom.
Pairing a kaftan with a pair of slim linen trousers is a really great look.
Wear a kaftan top over a sunburst swimsuit or a linen sequin skirt scattered with sparkling sequins.
Her collection features see-through tops, floaty long skirts in jazzy prints, kaftans with matching wide-legged trousers and dresses which leave little to the imagination.
This passion helped the export of prized Kashmir woollen caftans and shawls to various countries.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the usual sway of scarves, kaftans and generally tie-died attire that surrounds these types of festivals.
Men traditionally wear long gowns called kaftans , and women wear long robes that leave only their hands and feet exposed.
Asian, African and Middle Eastern attire such as the sarong, dhoti, lungi, caftan , kameez, the Chinese robe and the kimono are increasingly turning up on the catwalks of fashion capitals in the west.