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juxtapose / сопоставлять, помещать рядом, накладывать друг на друга
compare, match, collate, contrast, balance, juxtapose
помещать рядом
накладывать друг на друга
place or deal with close together for contrasting effect.
black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed with color images
Other paintings in the show juxtapose cinematic effects with sections that insist upon the obdurate flatness of the picture's surface.
His whole idea of art is to juxtapose sound, musical associations and imagery together, as well as film, and collage effects.
She divides their stories into helpfully labeled chapters that juxtapose their stories at each stage.
Warm melodic figures are juxtaposed with harsher percussive patterns, setting up some fascinating contrasts in sound.
At the most literal level, a juxtapositional diction and syntax are primary to her poetics.
By juxtaposing these elements, he not only achieves a variety in his compositions, but also employs means provided by a stark contrast in his experience as a tangentially urbanised painter.
Some fascinating comparisons are achieved by juxtaposing the liberty and exclusivity of the traditions of the synagogue with those of the illegal trade of the mafia.
The Animal Liberation Project involves a display of panels juxtaposing graphic images of slavery and other human abuse with pictures of chained animals.
These large contrasts are buttressed by many particulars, as Brooks carefully juxtaposes her protagonist to Eliot's.
The artist's choice of juxtaposing a partially blurred image with a clear one serves to vindicate her own, paint-like style.