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juvenilia / юношеские произведения
имя существительное
юношеские произведения
имя существительное
works produced by an author or artist while still young.
London's first chapter on the Brontes' juvenilia critiques the literary-critical construction of an individual, solitary author out of collaborative, adolescent writing practices.
Joe would probably think I'm crazy for showing such juvenilia to the world.
The exhibition opens with a section on Solomon's juvenilia , and shows him already with a voice of his own and a formidable technique.
I had not worked on genetics since, as a Cambridge undergraduate, I had published juvenilia on polymorphisms maintained by single locus selection.
Paramount to their success was this notion of ‘chemistry’: a complicated alchemy of juvenilia with sophistication and of actor to action.
Her adventures as a photographer were, she believed, an escape from huge, too-silent apartments, and teachers who thought her juvenilia brilliant.
We know there's good work and bad work but who, among Auden lovers for example, would want to be without his often amazing juvenilia ?
The result is that this sonata sounds less like juvenilia than it usually does.
These were not sketches or juvenilia ; these were expansive statements made by an artist in her prime.
They are belated juvenilia which ran contrary to this talent.
Jim's juvenilia , in general, are lacking in distinction, but they do chart a rapidly maturing interest in poetry.