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juvenile / юношеский, юный, малолетний
имя прилагательное
youthful, juvenile, junior, teenage, adolescent, young
young, youthful, juvenile, adolescent, immature, beardless
young, juvenile, pupil
имя существительное
teenager, teen, adolescent, juvenile, teeny, stripling
youth, lad, youngster, adolescent, stripling, juvenile
книги для юношества
juvenile books, juvenile
имя прилагательное
of, for, or relating to young people.
juvenile crime
имя существительное
a young person.
It promises efforts to correct behavioural problems among juveniles and to adopt changes to educational programmes, with new curricula, texts and teaching methods to reduce stress on kids.
Cowboy stars underscored the identity and nature of the enemy for their juvenile viewers and urged all citizens to do their part to help win the war.
In juvenile birds and birds molting into adult plumage for the first time, the shield was typically a deep purple.
Despite the apparent convergence with Western juvenile prostitution, clear differences remain that should not be ignored.
This site is designed to improve the public's understanding of the juvenile justice system and to promote policy reform.
Last season's leading juvenile was an impressive winner of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile at Belmont Park last year.
We conducted focal animal observations on juvenile three-spot damselfish in both continuous and patch reef habitat in 1991 and 1997.
Siblicide is a cause of juvenile mortality, and so should select for greater investment in survival.
It is an indispensable resource for informed professionals who strive to shape the juvenile justice system today.
All of that may sound juvenile and silly, but the chaos really only lasts for 10 minutes of the 50-minute performance.
Over 3,000 boys have already been seen, and the musical's appetite for new talent will remain high throughout its run, with cast changes a legal requirement for the juvenile actors every six months.