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jut / выступ
имя существительное
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, jut
speak, perform, appear, protrude, address, jut
stand out, protrude, project, bulge, jut, overhang
имя существительное
a point that sticks out.
The horizon, in all directions, seems to be perpetually bordered by a small jut of land, giving the impression of driving through a bowl.
extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something.
a rock jutted out from the side of the bank
It was a sharp jut of rock on the top of a hill, a bare landscape amongst the tropics of the jungle.
There is a jut of rock level with that tree, which will lead us into the cavern where the stairwell is.
Gently my fingers brushed against the side of her cheek, gingerly tracing a line from the soft curve to the gentle jut of her chin.
Vacant gaps on the slopes are filled with deep blue-green clumps of vegetation and sculpted sandstone outcroppings jut from the ridge line in a continuation of the sea floor's tilt.
we stopped on a jut of land
That night they camped in a natural shelter beneath a jut of the cliff, placing the cart and the fire between themselves and the forest.
As a result, he would get the club ‘stuck’ behind his body and have to jut out his left hip and flick at the ball.
A tiny jut of skin hangs off her upper lip, as happens to mortals in the winter.
The Adas Sands were the Southern-most part of Vadanja, a huge jut of land into the Sapphire Oceans; long, dry plains of tall grasses and long beaches on the coastline.
We rowed to the hulk from which it was planned to swim to the jut of the foreshore.